Join us in remembering and celebrating 1916

Here at Whispering Hope, led by Phyllis Morgan, we would very much like to celebrate 1916 with you.

We are all Irish people, we are all citizens of Ireland, and as women of Ireland we should celebrate what the women did.

The staff and trustees of the Whispering Hope Centre would like to host a nice, welcoming social event for all Survivors, where we will remember the women of 1916, such as Constance Markievicz, who was the first female MP ever to be elected to the House of Commons.

Phyllis Morgan, Senior Outreach Worker comments:

“In celebrating 1916, lets be strong women together, and celebrate this great occasion as a whole community.”

As many of you know only too well, we weren’t given an opportunity to be proud of our heritage when we were young. We can be proud of it in our own right now. More information to follow.