Enda Kenny TD - Irish State Apology - BBC Image

Novara Wire – Magdalene Laundries: ‘My life changed the day the state said sorry’

Novara Wire covered the third anniversary of the Irish state apology to women who were incarcerated in Ireland’s infamous Magdalene laundries.

A client of ours, ‘Mary C’ tells her sad but powerful story about her experiences of a laundry, the challenges she faced throughout her life because of the stigma and prejudice and the disadvantages she endured.

Importantly, ‘Mary C’ shares how her life changed the day the Irish state issued a formal apology to all the women who were incarcerated…

“Three years ago last month, the Irish government issued a state apology to survivors of the country’s infamous Magdalene laundries. That apology meant everything to me, just like it did for thousands of other women incarcerated for little more than being confident or poor. I bore deep scars from my time in a laundry.

“Born in a Mother-and-Baby Home in Dublin, Ireland, my mother –just like 35,000 others – was forced to give me up because she wasn’t married. The court ordered for my transferral to an orphanage in Kilkenny when I was two.”

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