(photographs by Nyema Droma Photography)

The Irish Times: Sally Mulready welcomes mother and baby home inquiry

The Irish Times reported on the proposed Mother-and-Baby Home Inquiry that will take place in Ireland.

Sally Mulready, the London- based Irish community campaigner, has welcomed an inquiry into Ireland’s mother and baby homes and has sought a meeting with Minister for Children Charlie Flanagan.

A former resident of a mother and baby home on the Navan Road, Dublin, she said an exercise to address the scope of the commission of investigation, announced this month, was important, but cautioned about its potential effects.

“I am pleased with the promptness of the action and the decision to do it,” she said. “But . . . this is deeply, deeply sensitive stuff. It’s going to open wounds. It’s going to bring back pain and hurt for lots and lots of women in particular and I think it needs to be handled really sensitively.”

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