Enda Kenny TD - Irish State Apology - BBC Image

The New York Times: ‘Irish Government Apologizes in Laundry Scandal’

The New York Times reported about the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD issuing a formal state apology to survivors of the Magdalene Laundries.

In a long-awaited, emotional parliamentary address, Mr. Kenny said women “who are and always were wholly blameless” not only deserved a formal apology for what they had suffered but also counselling and financial support. On behalf of the Ireland government and citizens, he apologized “unreservedly to all those women for the hurt that was done to them, and for any stigma they suffered, as a result of the time they spent in a Magdalene laundry.”

Following his address, politicians from all sides gave a standing ovation to the survivors of the laundries and their supporters who embraced one another in the packed public gallery.

Advocates of compensation for the roughly 1,000 survivors welcomed the apology. In an interview with RTE, the national broadcaster, Sally Mulready, chairwoman of the London-based Irish Women Survivors Network said:

“It was so significant and so genuinely expressed. He got the humanity of the suffering and what they endured but he also looked to the future and said ‘whatever is left of their lives, let’s make it comfortable for them; let’s help them to recover.’”

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