Our Partners

At IWSSN we value long-term partnerships which are mutually beneficial, and enjoy working with other organisations and agencies that share our aims and vision.

Currently, IWSSN is working alongside a range of organisations and agencies to improve the quality of life and well-being of Survivors living in the UK. Here we just some of the organisations we work in partnership with.

Irish Elderly Advice Network

The Irish Elderly Advice Network was founded in 1993 and has spent 20 years dedicated to combating poverty, isolation and distress amongst the elderly Irish population in and around London. The charity was founded in 1993 following the deaths of 3 older Irish people in Camden. Each died alone and lay undiscovered for several months. They had become isolated, in poor health, removed from friends, family and community and had no one to turn to for help. These tragedies shook the Irish community and a number of older Irish women came together and founded the Irish Elderly Advice Network to try and ensure this could never happen again.

In the years since, the Irish Elderly Advice Network has been hugely successful in empowering and supporting older Irish people. Through the provision of welfare support, social and cultural work, and a focus on empowering older people to speak for themselves, they have helped thousands of people and the numbers continue to grow.


icap is a registered charity providing high quality counselling and psychotherapy to help people heal their lives and deal with emotional trauma, depression and risk of suicide.

Originally founded to meet the needs of Irish immigrants resident in Britain, they continue today to support the Irish community as well as people from other communities. People come from all walks of life, as emotional distress can affect anyone at different times of their lives.

icap has two clinical centres – London and the West Midlands. They also provide therapy at partner organisations, and through their network of therapists across Britain. Every month icap’s highly qualified therapists see over 300 people.



Caranua is an independent State Body set up to help people who, as children, experienced abuse in residential institutions in Ireland and have received settlements, Redress Board or Court awards.

Caranua offers support, information, advice and advocacy to survivors. They help them to get the services they are entitled to as citizens and improve access to those services.  Caranua can pay for services so that they have the support they need and can give grants to individuals to source services themselves.

The organisation also works to build awareness of the effects of institutional abuse and in Ireland works with public services to improve their capacity to understand, recognise and address the particular needs of survivors arising from their adverse childhood experiences.

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