Tips and Information for Applying to Caranua

Our case workers have successfully supported dozens of Survivors living in the UK with their applications to Caranua. Based on our experience, we have some tips and information for Survivors applying to Caranua that would help save time and issues from occurring during application.

Before you apply

  • Remember you can only apply if you’ve received redress or compensation through a court.
  • We can be your nominated person to act on your behalf during the application process – please just contact us if you would like further information about the support we offer.


London Office – covering South East and South West of UK


Tel:          0207 267 9997

Email:    [email protected]

Manchester Office – covering Midlands and North of UK


Tel:          07943907438

Email:    [email protected]

When you apply

  • Don’t delay – as soon as you’ve sent off your Part 1 application. You can start getting quotes for services you are going to apply for – that means when application Part 2 arrives, you should have all your relevant quotes with you. It is advised that applicants obtain at least two quotes for their applications.
  • If you are applying for services of any kind, ask the service provider you have opted to use for a 60 day quote – this will ensure that a quote will not expire during the application process.
  • Caranua has a ‘Permission to Share Information With’ form that they send out with Part 2 of the application form if you would prefer for an individual or organisation (like IWSSN), to support you with your application.
  • A quote for services you are applying for funding for, should be given to you on a company’s official, letter-headed paper, which should include:
    1. your name and address (to clearly show that the quote is for you);
    2. their address;
    3. registered company number;
    4. date the quote was given;
    5. what the quote covers (including a full breakdown of the cost of the service);
    6. VAT amount;
    7. and total amount.
  • You must have an occupational therapist report to apply for funding for: beds, chairs, ramps, and adaptations to your house to improve accessibility.
  • Please note that Caranua will not fund cosmetic improvements to your home or personal appearance that will not directly improve your health or safety – for example, Caranua will not pay for cosmetic dentistry or a general refurbishment of your home.
  • Once it’s been clarified that you are eligible to apply to the fund, you’ll be sent the Part 2 application form.
  • We can help over the phone with explaining what to fill in on the Part 2 application form – please feel free to contact us any point. Remember, we can help you over the telephone or in person.

After you’ve sent your application

  • After the Caranua Application Adviser receives the Part 2 application form, along with quotes for services, approval takes up to 2 weeks to process – you may receive a telephone call from Caranua to explain what they have approved and what the fund will not cover.
  • If an applicant is successful, cheques can take up to 20 days to be approved and written by Caranua, depending on how much is being applied for.
  • Once cheques are approved, cheques are made payable to service providers and are sent to the client.
  • Caranua advises clients to wait until the client has received the cheque before going ahead with work, in case your requests are not accepted.

After you’ve received a decision from Caranua

  • If your application was unsuccessful, you are able to appeal against the decision – we can support you with this, or you can contact Caranua directly.
  • Please get in touch with IWSSN whether your application was successful or not because we play a key role in providing feedback to Caranua about their service.

Please get in touch if you need …